Kodak Technical Pan + Rodinal

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Don Day:
I see on the Frugal Photographer site (http://www.frugalphotographer.com) that they compare their Bluefire Police film to Tech Pan.  Has anyone given this film a try, with some experience reports to share?  I missed out on the whole Technical Pan love fest somehow, so I never had the chance to get hooked on it, but I'd be willing to try any of its heir apparent alternatives sometime.

I've been using Copex Rapid for the same kind of applications (in a Minolta 16); I've also used Imagelink HQ (which you can get in 35 mm cassettes from J&C Photo, but I'm looking for a source of it in bulk rolls that doesn't feel the need for me to buy a 20 roll case).  With those films, I've found that you don't need a fancy-pants, gold-plated developer to get usable speeds and excellent tonality; I routinely shoot Copex Rapid at EI 80 and can get 40-50 from Imagelink HQ using a variant of Caffenol.

Caffenol LC+C, a speed enhancing low-contrast developer for microfilms -- should also work with Tech Pan.

For 8 ounces of working solution (to cover 1 35mm roll):

2 slightly rounded tsp. Folger's Coffee Crystal (or exact duplicate)
2 1/2 level tsp. Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (sodium carbonate monohydrate)
1/4 tsp ascorbic acid powder (or 1 gram -- do not use calcium ascorbate; if sodium ascorbate, use 20% more and reduce washing soda by 1/2 tsp).
Water to make 8 ounces.

Ensure all solids are fully dissolved and all microbubbles have settled from the developer.  Copex Rapid requires 15 minutes with agitation every 3rd minute (continuous agitation first minute).  Other microfilms and document films, including Tech Pan, should have similar times; adjust time to control contrast as you would with conventional B&W materials.  Expect about 1 to 1 1/3 stop increase in speed compared to Technidol, POTA, or TD-3, with excellent acutance and grain that will be invisible at 12x enlargement.

Do not use acid stop bath; water only.  Fix as you normally would for the film in use (most microfilms will fix in one minute with rapid fixer, and can bleach detectably in as little as ten minutes).

I noticed today that Covington Innovations has some notes on tech pan in HC-110.

Mike,  how would you compare  HC-110 with Rodinal  :?:

Edwin :?  :?  :?

Quote from: edthened

Mike,  how would you compare  HC-110 with Rodinal  :?:
HC-110 resembles Karo corn syrup, while Rodinal is more like maple syrup.  Neither is particularly good on pancakes.


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